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Flexi format


As the name suggests, the Flexi format provides a highly versatile system to display garments, accessories, footwear and other items on walls without the need for precision work. It allows infinite combinations by varying the position and type of fixtures, giving the shop a fresh look without the need to invest further.

This concept uses Slat Wall Panels with horizontal grooves, mounted onto the wall with brackets  and clamps. Fixtures such as pegs, straight arms, side hangs and shelves (e.g. for garments, footwear) can then be securely locked into the groove at any location.

Our Flexi format customers have effectively used slat walls to display: 

  • garments, 
  • accessories (belts, hair bands, bindis, etc.),
  • under garments, inner wear and lingerie, 
  • footwear,
  • mobile phone accessories (earphones, chargers, cases, etc.).


Slatwall panel
Slatwall peg
Slatwall straight arm
Slatwall slant arm
Slatwall shelf bracket
Slawall shoe support