Simplex format


The Simplex format offers a fast and economical solution to display garments and other items along walls. In this format, channels are directly screwed into the wall with no panelling. Once fixed to the wall, the channels can be used to support shelves and arms for multiple stacking and hanging options for display.

This format is especially suitable where walls are clean and undamaged, covered with wallpaper or painted as feature walls. Due to minimum wall preparation needed, a garment shop with this format can be ready within 2-3 days (estimate based on medium size).

Our simplex customers have used this system to display: 

  • garments – shirts, pants, jeans, tops, dresses, sarees, etc., 
  • toys, and
  • sports goods.


Shelf bracket
Side hang
Crossbar straight arm
Crossbar step arm
Crossbar slant arm
Crossbar peg